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The focus of the artistic research of Claudio Destito is irony, that becomes a picklock used to force and to engrave reality, its meanings, values and e contents.
Destito anchors the postulates of his art in the history of the conceptual and minimalistic movements. The starting point becomes the reference to these artistic languages in order to understand reality.

Matteo Galbiati - "6 nel castello" catalogue - 2008

Claudio Destito defines himself as an "ironic Minimalist". The essential forms he creates, the monochromatic painting of the background, the attitude to build geometrically the image, make him the epigone of an artistic trend of the past - Minimalism - which still influences the present. Irony eliminates severity in an aesthetic sobrety: his work is permeated by a merry tone, almost cheerful. In the word "almost" before the adjective "cheerful" lies the peculiarity of his last works.
Roberto Borghi - "Honoris causa" catalogue - 2006

Claudio Destito of Turin added a red cross and inky blue wings to his helmet, wich could pass for a comic-strip version of what a Crusader wore.
Rita Reif - New York Times - September 18th, 1994